using a jointer

Using a Jointer: Quick Tips

In order to get the most quality out of the performance provided by a jointer, follow these tips. Tip 1: Joint Downhill Edge jointing requires that the individual reads the grain for obtaining the correct direction for feeding the stock. This is to ensure there are no tear-ours. When the grain is ran downhill from […]

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DeWalt DW744X table saw

The Benefits of Purchasing a Portable Table Saw

As technologies improve, new ways are being discovered to make construction tools increasingly portable and efficient. One of the most useful of these inventions is the portable table saw. portable table saws have helped to bridge the gap between the portable hand-held saw and the powerful, full-sized table saw. If you have considered purchasing a […]

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different types of wood finish

Quick and Creative Wood Finishing Tips

Wood finishing is very important to the complete job. It is the last and final step and making the project appear as it should help create a better finish and help keep little mistakes from happening. They also provide easier ways to do smaller jobs and save money in the end. Shop Made Scraper This […]

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