DeWalt DC720KA 18v Cordless Drill 3

Picking the Right Dewalt Drill

Dewalt drills are some of the most popular on the market, due to their power and heavy-duty construction. However, there are a variety of drill aspects you need to consider before blindly purchasing one. Dewalt makes four different kinds of power drills: standard, hammer, impact and right-angle drills. Each of these types has their advantages […]

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wooden bird house project

Woodworking Projects You Can Actually Sell

If you’re into woodworking, you love building with your hands and creating new, exciting projects. However, there’s no reason you can’t actually make a little cash. The following projects sell like hotcakes and should help you pay for your more personal woodworking projects. Signs – Simple signs, especially those with wood-burnt lettering, are always popular. […]

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jointer in use

Great Jointer Tips and Tricks Part Two

If you read part one of our jointer tips series, you learned how to spot errors in your fence and how to eliminate ripples. In part two, you’ll learn more specific tricks that help make your jointer work more efficiently. Making Tight Butt Joints Butt joints are one of the most commonly used type of […]

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using a jointer

Great Jointer Tips and Tricks Part One

A high-quality woodworking jointer is a powerful and useful tool that you’ll use in just about every one of your woodworking projects. The following tips and tricks will help make sure you get the most out of it as possible. Inspecting Fence Before you start using your jointer, you need to inspect the fence to […]

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wood finishing by hand

What Every Woodworker Needs to Know About VOCs

You may have heard the term low VOC floating around in the last few years. Perhaps you are concerned for the environment and want to use products that are eco-friendly. Perhaps you want to make products that people enjoy having in their homes. Either way, you need to know about VOCs and how they relate to woodworking. Today, We are […]

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