Belt sander on a wooden surface

Common Power Tool Maintenance Tips: Part One

We’ve discussed a variety power tool maintenance techniques for specific tools and brands, but have rarely taken the time to look at basic techniques. The following methods can be used on just about any brand. Basic Maintenance Tips Before we get into individual tools, let’s take a look at some maintenance methods applicable to just […]

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workshop tools planer

Three Useful Woodworking Tools You Probably Don’t Own

The world of woodworking requires a wide assortment of hand and power tools, some of which have very specific or very general use. Every amateur woodworker owns a power saw and a drill. However, there are some useful power tools that seem to get ignored year after year. The following three are some of the […]

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Choosing the Right Table Saw

Table saws are one of the most basic, yet vital, woodworking tools in your arsenal. Choosing the right table saw requires understanding your woodworking needs and the benefits each saw offers. Read on to get a solid introduction into the world of table saws. Portable table saws – Portable table saws are inexpensive and easy […]

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sandpaper close up

Woodworking Tips 101: Sanding

Sanding pretty much seems like a no-brainer. And it’s pretty much a thankless part of your work, because really, who ever notices that part? For something that requires so much time, it’s the least likely job to get noticed. But if you don’t do it well, it definitely makes a difference on the finished product. […]

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power sanding

Five Best Safety Tips for Power Sanding

No woodworking project is complete without a heavy-duty sanding job. Sanding helps eliminate annoying grit and splinters and makes it easier to paint or stain your masterpiece. However, if you’re power sanding, you need to follow these five woodworking tips to avoid serious injury. Always Wear Eye Protection Although power sanders quickly hone your wood […]

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Quarter-Sawn Lumber

What Will Quarter-Sawn Lumber Mean for My Wood Project?

Quarter-sawn wood definitely costs more than plain-sawn. Quite a bit more. That being said, it has definite advantages when it comes to your woodworking project. Let’s look at just what it means for your next project. Plain-sawn wood is pretty cut and dried, so to speak. It involves simply cutting off slabs of a log […]

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