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Woodworking Plans for Projects You Can Sell

In the past, we’ve talked about woodworking projects that you can make for easy cash. We’re going to touch on a similar topic again this week, but we’re going to include links to real woodworking plans for bankable woodworking projects. Aquarium Stand Investing in a fish aquarium is a costly deal, so why not eliminate […]

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Great Circular Saw Arts and Craft Projects

The circular saw is one of the most heavily used wood working tools on the planet. While they are mostly used for utilitarian projects, they can actually be used to craft gorgeous pieces of wooden arts and crafts. Picture Frame Circular saws are perfect for crafting picture frames because of their hand-held nature. Simply measure […]

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wood dust

The Dangers of Wood Dust

Woodworking safety is a necessity if you want to stay healthy long enough to finish all your projects. Unfortunately, you may not even understand that the biggest woodworking danger is almost entirely invisible: wood dust. Wood dust can be a surprisingly dangerous item for your health. And it’s not the large chips or visible sawdust […]

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Woodworking eye protection

Protecting Your Eyes from Woodworking Dangers

Woodworking safety should be a given whenever you step in your shop. This is especially true of your eyes. Eyes are one of the most sensitive and easily damaged areas of the body and they can be easily injured by the following woodworking dangers: Flying Debris – When working with wood, flying debris is common. […]

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